On this day, I fell in love
with a song on first hearing.
It helped that I was driving.
And the sun was shining.
And the window down.
And we were on our way back
from visiting a childhood friend.
And she sat quietly 
before issuing a demand
that it be turned up.
And I looked at her
in the rearview looking sideways
through the window with her small foot
tapping at my back.
And she looked back at me.
And away again.
And the music took her her way,
and me mine.
And when we arrived home, 
the same sun had slid down the back fence
as it peeled the last strip of daylight away.
And flung it on the earth’s bedroom floor.
And finished its striptease 
before it made way for the moon.

16 thoughts on “And

  1. I love James Vincent McMorrow.
    Post Tropical is brilliant.
    I love really loving a new song, it doesn’t happen very often.
    (God took me three goes to spell that right: 4pm office slump…).
    I have yet to hear JVM’s new album and I’m expecting a treat.

    That wasn’t meant to be a list but came out like one.

    • But I love lists. And that song hasn’t been off the proverbial turntable since its maiden listen. You’re so right – loving a song on first hearing is FARKING ACE. Up there in the hierarchy of exhilarating. I always find myself saying ace whenever I’m talking to an English person. I’m going to have to pay more attention to Jim Vin. I fear I casually dismissed him to the Bon Iver musical gene pool. It was at the height of my baritone phase so he was collateral damage. Possibly.

  2. “Cavalier” off Post Tropical is an amazing piece of falsetto joy. I’d say hearing Jim Vin live in a little venue such as a tiny auld church would be ACE.
    Yeah I overplayed Bon Iver’s first album then couldn’t listen to him again (especially in summery months). I think JVM is in another league.

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