Getting real about bad advice

This is excellent. Read right till the end for the most rounded challenge to another creeping trend tangled up in ‘feminism’.

language: a feminist guide

It’s been a while since I posted anything about the policing of women’s language, but that’s not because the police have been idle: while I’ve been concerning myself with other matters, it’s been business as usual for the finger-wagging advicemongers. Here’s a recent example which I wouldn’t bother clicking on, since it’s just a rehash of the generic Bullshit Article On Women’s Language that’s been doing the rounds for the last two years. And here’s one about uptalk and vocal fry, which does contain one novel feature–a link to this blog, which the author cites to show she considered both sides of the argument before deciding to go with the ever-popular ‘stop it, you’re annoying people’.

Both these pieces use what I’m going to call the ‘let’s get real’ argument, which goes something like this: ‘it’s all very well to call out prejudice/preach tolerance, but the world is the…

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11 thoughts on “Getting real about bad advice

  1. I’d never known there was such a thing as ‘Woman’s language’. I’ve enjoyed a fair few birthdays without such knowledge thankfully and it’s my wish that my three girls arrive at the same age as myself without ever having heard of it either.
    As my mother would say, ‘I’ve heard it all now.’

  2. HAH so that’s verbal fry. Didn’t that used to be how the Valley Girls talked? As in California? I believe it was alright in the 70’s *types upwardly*

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