My imaginary Twitter feed from the last 24 hours

Picture of my sloppy desk. Just because.

Retweeted article simultaneously attacking a conservative political view and emphasising my right-on world-view

Phil Lynott’s Old Town video #random #nostalgia #dodgy80shairdos

Breda O’Brien’s a *insert damning insult of the hour here* #emphaticheadnods

Latest blog post: Blogging brush-offs and other abandoned posts

Can’t believe *insert latest thing to be outraged about here* #shocking

Go the fuck to sleep #middleofthenightparenting

Picture of my dinner. Why not? #nomnom

Larry David quote #wisdom

Breda O’Brien’s a *insert damning judgement of the hour here* #toorightyeah

Has Neven had botox? Looks like it #nevenmaguire

Did anyone see my car keys? #doofus

Where can I get American Crème Soda? #80sflashbackcraving

Malcolm Tucker quote #modernphilosophy

Does anyone know where I can get a cheap lobotomy? #notcopingwithwork

Question: Recommend your family tent  #impendingcampingholidayannoucement

Picture of emergency coffee purchase *insert little thumb up* #survival

Picture of toothpaste on hair? #howdoesshedoit?

Picture of Bono looking worse #onob

It’s only fucking Wednesday? #cries

12 thoughts on “My imaginary Twitter feed from the last 24 hours

  1. Why imaginary? Too true, surely! Don’t forget the ads, though. The never-fecking-ending constant barrage of thinly-disguised and blatantly-sledgehammered Twitter ads. #bombardedbyshite

  2. You’ve captured perfectly why I don’t do twits ….or Mugbook for that matter. None of us, not even you or I, can be that interesting day after day after day.

  3. Ah would you ever come on over to twitter. I amuse myself on occasions over there. It’s not about pleasing others I just love to amuse myself (although I often quote my mum in my head when I post on twitter, “little amuses the simple minded”.)

    • Oh for my own internal dialogue? I’d probably be sectioned. I like your attitude, tric. I’m only sneering at my almost certain annoying behaviour if I ever got on there. Sort of like my blogging, only with triple the amount of 12 year old humour. Sorry 12 year olds.

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