Dead drafts

On why blogging is like a long-term relationship

Life in a northern town

They’re just not that into you (Blogging etiquette and brush-offs)

On being ordinary (generally)

Blogging fatigue

The A to Z of blogging

Blogging for the sake of it

Songs I will never buy but burst on hearing

What blogging can tell me about my life

These are all draft posts that were swiftly abandoned after the opening paragraph. I think there’s a theme emerging.

*strokes chin*

13 thoughts on “Dead drafts

  1. I have a notebook of opening lines; there’s a good half dozen. It all goes squiffy when I overthink. I’ve discovered that I am most inspired in the afternoon….usually as a task avoidance technique, which happened today
    0**0 (embarrassed emoticon; with optional guilt).

    I’d like to hear your songs

    • Coincidentally, that’s the same emotion I used to denote the wearing of an overly small bra. Did you ever get that notebook with the birds in Paperchase? My own one in near an end. Got a beautiful new one for me birthday though – hey! potential blog post! Too many exclamation marks for this time of the day though! Yeah, I’ve a few half-baked ideas but they don’t leave the starting blocks. I’m an impromptu sorta poster. You’ll not find me researching or indulging in the maddeningly bland on-the-one-hand and on-the-other-hand type of affair. The process of sitting down and getting my fingers busy is relaxing, but I can feel my concentration slipping. Sort of like comfort eating. Mindless typing in the way I don’t realise there’s no Jaffa cakes left till they’re all gone. I’ll trade you one song for an opening line. Oh the daring tone of me.

      • Whaddya mean you’re supposed to do research and give balanced points of view???? It’s blogging FFS. Write from the heart or whatever is trundling through your brain. I might have bought the notebook…they come and go in a blur. Current ideas book is long and skinny. I use it horizontally for those intermittent Haiku which burst into my head. Blogging can be ungratifying if you focus on the likes….especially if you’ve skived off work cos you felt inspired. Then you keep clicking on notifications…..and nobody turns up…

      • It’s a low point for feedback when even the spam gives you a thrill. What have we become? Validation dependent. ON THE OTHER HAND (yawn), it’s this or the other half of the bun. OK, buns.

      • You know I can’t resist a challenge >*< (concentrating emoticon).

      • I don’t know that one. Bummer that my steam powered work computer doesn’t have speakers!! Oh, will ask colleague who listens to Spotify 🙂

      • Just listened to Old Phil Boy – nae bad 🙂 Colleague now listening to rest of album. We’d both forgotten he did the TOTP theme!!!!!!

      • Oh yes, that’s right. This track is pure nostalgia for me, and I’m a sucker for a bouquet of trumpets like those that emerge at the end. The video from a vintage era Dublin I occasionally pine for.

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