6 thoughts on “Malcolm Tucker’s thoughts on blogs

      • Yup, one must have a bit of brutal humour with sweary bits to balance out the fluffy stuff. How are you getting on with your lines????

      • It’s percolating. Either down into my spleen or my heart; I’m afraid to look. It’s my weekend treat *rubs hands in anticipation* Guaranteed it’ll be shite now.

  1. I’m saving this for later as I assume it’s NSFW?!! I love Malcolm Tucker! Rewatching the Thick of It every night and always go to sleep laughing. Sent a link of the best of Malcolm to a friend recently who is having a sh*t time at work and it cheered him up no end. I channel him internally on a daily basis. Someday I’ll explode!

    • Suitable for work only in that way you wish he was present at your team meetings. I know. Isn’t that the ultimate fantasy? The Thick of It – superior viewing. I was thinking of making this post about when Malcolm met Lucinda Creighton. Ah fuck it, tomorrow. I’ll have enough residual rage to get that task done.

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