Brother’s gonna work it out (guest post)


I shall walk on that shoreline

until I become a dot, and there,

crushed between sky and sand

submit to the horizontal line.


I shall lie flat on my back

A spread-eagled Universal Man

with sea shells for eyes.

and for ear plugs; the howling wind.


I shall hug the earth with my back, let the pull

of the spinning globe erase gigabytes of you

and with closed eyes replace them

with mysteries from below the tide.


I shall pluck from the ancient silt,

rich hued bottles, alchemies of detachment,

then clean and align my new satellites,

a compass of seven Norths


And your smile shall come again.

Its radiance shall melt my compass,

burn all of my paths,

my unwritten maps.

With thanks to G. for permission to share.