9 thoughts on “Top 5… least read posts

  1. Oh, the shame, the woe. Even I, your most loyal fan had missed four of these :_( In my defence, I believe you’ve cheated by using very old ones from before we met. I mean, how creepy would it be if I went back and read EVERYTHING??? :-/ However, I have rectified my neglect and gone back to like them all – because you’re clearly fishing for a stats boost 😀

      • There, there * hugs you and pats you absent mindedly on the head while looking over your shoulder to check my phone* Shall I have Morag bring us some cake and gin?

      • No.. no… just..just.. the gin.

        Whatcha at anyway, birdie? It’s a scary question, that. Oh here, The Fall tonight. What did you make of the opening episode, or Spector’s Anatomy, as I called it. Not for the faint-spleened.

      • Indeed – Holby City isn’t that gory – but then they keep cutting away from the operation scenes to have Relationship Issues. Gilly was very good at the quietly spoken rationalisation – clearly not a huggy type. I did feel for poor Merlin who just wanted a hug. But the whole episode did reek somewhat of the actors keeping themselves busy while the writers were away doing something else. Our man is going to have to do an awfy lot of Meaningful Stares while he’s out action

      • Gilly. Sounds like a character in a Jilly Cooper book. And probably just as breathless. Someone get her an oxygen fix for chrissake. I sneak watched last night’s episode while my fella watched the footie, despite promises to wait til tomorrow. I feel I’m carrying around this massive secret about how non-norn iron actors’ attempt at the accent leads to all their voices dropping a few octaves. And the thoroughness of the PSNI is a credit to scriptwriters.

      • Well I wouldn’t call her Gilly to her face. I have a friend called Elizabeth who must always be Elizabeth. I kept waiting for wee Ashling to make a cute comment, but she kept up Serious very well – though clearly a lot of thinking going on under that cute fringe. Interesting episode. Convenient for our man to get the old memory loss. I’m looking forward to whether his earlier sketchbooks were fact or fantasy – let’s face it, they have to get more murders in.

      • Did/do you have a sketchbook? Should we be disturbed by any of its contents? Gong to Aishling for best Nordie fringe of the evening. Merlin was in the lead til then. And what kinda trousers was Gilly wearing at the end? A world of tightened up rules is a world without heels. Sad face.

      • I have an array sketchbooks of varying sizes and filled inness. The sketchbooks of my teenage years still alarm me due to the dodgy nihilistic poetry, but these days it’s all safe content. Funny, I noticed the trews too. For the previous 55 mins I had leg envy; wondering that if I bound my calves in several layers of 120 denier I too could have such shapely pins.

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