What to give the man who has everything?

What do you give the man who has it all?

The wife and kids

The lovely home

The successful job

The healthy parents

The many friends

The 10k personal best

The everything he’s lived for

The youth on his side

The second house a mile from his first

The halfway from heartache

The rental agreement

The kids two nights a week

The emotional disorder

The stranger for a wife

The impending separation

The unlonged for silence

The science of new appliances

The both sides of the bed

The 10 month personal worst

The healthy parents

The many friends

The sanctuary of work

The strength on his side

The everything to live for

The new world order

The halfway to a new beginning

Very little, I suppose.

Just an assurance that you’ll keep pace

With him till he gets there

Where we’ll all be waiting.

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