Where was I again?

Once upon a time in a headlock…*door-bell*


Some other de-railed posts about to go under the delete button:

Ad Men to that

Now that Mothers’ Day is over, it’s back to bog standard commercial exploitation of motherhood. Do you feel a rant coming on? Me too. Only messin’. I’ll keep this short.

Let me start by saying I’m an advocate of suspending the cynical curled lip at the commercialisation of Mothers’ Day. When I say advocate, I mean I’m always up for any Hallmark holiday from which I can derive a lie-in. There’s plenty more where they come from that I could be doing with. Daughter’s Day. Wife’s Day. Middle-Age Crisis Day. And so on and so forth. I’m on call to suspend my right-on worldviews if the rewards are edible.



[title only]


Third parties

If there’s one thing I regret about the pair of us buggering off to get married on our own, it’s the ocassional absence of..


Top 5…least read posts ever

[title only]



“I didn’t realise your feet were so small”

“Ah that’s just because the rest of me is so big”

I can’t get hang of compliments.


Social and personal

Mary and Brendan Kelly of Goatstown, Dublin 14 are delighted to announce the engagement of their favourite son, David to Eimear, least daughter of John and Margaret Casey of Furrow, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork.

Imelda and Frank of Elphin are delighted to announce dinner is ready.

Noel and Breege Boland of Sandycove, Dublin, are delighted to announce they came 1st place in Sandycove Bridge Club last night (without any handicap applied).

Sheila and Noel Smyth of Clonakilty, Cork, are pleased to announce they had a ‘natural’ birth last week.

Linda and Duncan FitzGerald, Canada (formerly of Drogheda, Louth) are delighted to announce they have identified all the reasons why other women don’t breastfeed (without asking any of them).




Every time I clap eyes on James Connolly, I see the face of David Ervine sthick [sic] tache and



She expertly fans the napkins open before draping them across our knees while presenting the first serving. We polish the sandwiches off in less time it took her to detail their contents, pausing briefly to speculate over which of the dainty displays might harbour the ham she rhapsodised about.

It’s all rather excruciating in that way sitting next to people with impeccable posture and ability to articulate credible career aspirations tend to be, but we’re here now. He with his generosity and courage to make an occasion of our rare time alone together; me with my middle-0f-the-room anxiety eyeing up every corner with unquenchable envy. Including the one occupied by a grand piano being tickled to indifference with a few Sunday afternoon standards.


Five good fats

Of the bass kind

1. This

2. This

3. This

4. This

5. And this


Headphones: The woman’s hour

Mazzy Star – Ride it on

Cocteau Twins

Gillian Welch

Lucinda Williams

Lamb – Gorecki

Mary Gauthier

Mary Margaret O’Hara – Body’s in Trouble

Kate Bush – A Choral Room


On being ordinary

I can see now the ambitions our parents had for my siblings and me. Sacrifices made in a country (still) hospitable to the idea of equality of opportunity. One presided over by clerics; their cohorts in charge of classrooms, and select postcodes, and surnames compatible with success; the pre-ordained good stock destined for greatness. But none of this explains why, at the average milestone reaching age of ten, I


Life in a Northern Town

Two churches to the left of us; one to right, an interminable cricket game straight ahead. It’s no Clapham Common, or Phoenix Park, or Stephen’s Green, but at a circumference of one kilometre, this park is the greenhouse for many an ambition. From the prospect of that first kiss, to the first wobbly pedal withoutstabilisers, and determination to fit into that outfit.


Perfect opening line

I demand the finest opening line available to bloggerkind and I’ll  (try) to take it from there.



11 thoughts on “Where was I again?

  1. What a fabulous idea for a new trend thingy!!! Just had a scan through mine. Sometimes I’ve been overwhelmed by an ingenious title and got no further. My favourites are “Bad things happen to good pizzas” and “Dogs can’t Cook” Will have to get back to the blogging thing – always a bit tricky to come back from a heartfelt one – though it was only yourself who picked up on the true nature of the unsaid.

    • I think we had the same pizza. Poland 1997? Ketchup smothered brick base masquerading as a ‘tomato’ pizza? Shudder. What about revisiting one of your drafts to see where it might take ya? Might shake the residue.

      • Funnily enough, I tried that then got sidetracked and started a Brand New One. I was ever so insightful and profound – all about the nosiness you can get up to with Facebook. I don’t do Facebook you see, so the fact you can hunt down random people is meangful to me. Then I realised everyone must do that. And stopped.

      • Intriguing. I’m not on Facebook either. This computer just auto-corrected the small f to F. A true measure of its status. That doesn’t stop mates sending me photos of old boyfriends to see how they’ve aged – a regular agenda items these days. Share the post with the group. Many of my personalities would be keen to read it, anyway.

      • Well yes. Someone I was sure must have died by now in a drugged up haze hasn’t.

  2. Oh yeah. It’s happened now;-) Am a bit internetless, but The Mannie is due tomorrow. I’m doing all these replies with one thumb on my phone. That’s how much you mean to me:-) Finished late at work so having dinner by myself in the arthouse cinema – with quite a few other singular people. And I’m reading your book. I know it’s not you, but it feels like it could be you. Is that too creepy and stalkery?? Oh, did you get the postcard? Wasn’t sure if I had the tight postcode.

    • I’m suffering such an intensive intrigue attack, I’m short of breath. I need to lie down. You paint a delightful scene. If you’re having the falafel, it might just re-trigger my urinary incontinence (I can offer no greater compliment)

    • Tenderness O’Block is unhappy to announce the marriage of the rain with her washing over night.

      Yep, CC, any amount of inanity available any time. I’m here all week 🙂 Anything you want me to include? Just fire away…

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