Making ground level look mountainous

You know the way I’m mad into competitive sports?

OK, let me rephrase that.

You know the way I like to loll around looking for insignificant shit to get obsessively worked up about?


Well, today isn’t one of those days. Because it actually kicked off yesterday. In the moment I eye-rolled in response to a request from one of the relos to vote for a contender in the prestigious Donegal Player of the…(wait for it)…Week. Exactly. This is big shit. To one particular 14 year-old’s Da at least.

That was, until I dragged my lazy arse fingers round to the site for a blast of the button whereupon the sight of our boy in second place unleashed such staggering levels of indignation, the conversion from mild-mannered indifference to canvassing crusader was worthy of nomination.

If I’m going to succumb to this unfair and unregulated popularity contest, then I should at least back my lobbying up with 5 credible, if arbitrary, reasons why he should win, which are (in random order):

– he doesn’t take himself seriously
– he drives his Irish teacher mad by refusing to exhibit any fear of her
– he can hold his own in company of all ages
– he surprises me with parcels of ill-fitting sports gear he forgets to tell me he ordered for himself on Amazon
– he’s not averse to giving occasional sly hugs when no-one’s looking


2 thoughts on “Making ground level look mountainous

    • Thanks, hen. He won. The power of ill-gotten votes. Predictably, it turned into a contest between another sibling and me to see how many votes we could bag. We eventually joined forces to retaliate against the opposition fighting back. I may have pulled a muscle.

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