Watching winning streak in the nip

Taking my dignity out of the machine for inspection
I notice it has shrunk considerably in the hot wash
While from the living room Marty implores Mary to wave
At the camera to all the Mayo folk watching at home
I wave back and spin the wheel round three times
It lands on 40 degrees between the delicates
And the badly stained

By Not Paul Durcan


Thanks to the three of you who voted in the latest poll.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

22 thoughts on “Watching winning streak in the nip

  1. You had a rubbish day too then! Quite a while ago, though *look sideways while making funny shapes with mouth to avoid owning up to missing the vote*

    • *weird high octane voice* It’s quite OK, no, really, it’s fine.

      *reverts to Barry White* Yeah, I hope yours picked up. I’m ambivalent about the like button. I liked yours when I didn’t really at all. There should be a ‘I hear ya’ button, or ‘Fuck that, hope your head’s showered soon’ button. Facebook only think they’ve problems.

      • There must be an Elvis like emoticon you can devise for an ‘I hear ya’ button. That day got mildly better – but not about work. Yesterday was good – see long conversation in the previous post.

  2. By the way, did you know there’s a book named after you??!!!! I threw it down in disgust it was not worth your fine name. Of course, it had glorious blurb, but it looked like slim pickings to me. The words were spaced out really far to make out for the lack of content. Of course, if that’s your bible, and the inspiration behind your re-naming, then I take it all back…… :-/

  3. Jesus this is pure magic, so it is. Anyone who can’t see poetry in a spin cycle doesn’t deserve to call themselves Irish, but this is a cut above the rest. Seeing as I missed the last poll through sheer ignorance, can I put my spoke in for the next one, which I’m assuming is either Not-Seamus-Heaney or perhaps a Not-WB-Yeats, for the Easter centenary?

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