13 thoughts on “Top 5: the great aural outdoors

      • That would be good! Was already feeling sorry for myself cos of rubbish start to the day. Dealing with someone who declined a post by text and sour milk so didn’t get cereal for breakfast. Had to eat cake: pain au raisin. Then the Young One pointed this was a French breakfast :-))) Must confess we didn’t make it to the end of tracks. But we did remember Martin Stephenson and the Daintees :-))

      • You mean turned down a job? Are we having another clashes of ancient civilisation colloquial speak?

        French breakfast always sounds more sophisticated than American artery clogging cuisine. I approve of the Boy’s wisdom.

        In related matters – what’s for lunch? I’ve been pondering this pertinent question since 10 this morning.

      • Yup, turned down post. Had only interviewed her day before, and she was dead keen. It was a thoughtful text though. I think I could see she was a bit freaked out by some of the concepts of our work!!!! I’m picking up a Boots meal deal for lunch. Will be having pizza for tea – during an unorthodox work Thing!!

      • Ah you can’t leave it there. I’m imagining the squirmfest that is the ‘Family’ get together in work scenarios. I’ve been to more relaxing wakes.

        What a bizarre way to turn down a job. But why not, eh? This being the modrin age ‘n’ all. Did you get a good vibe off her? I hate when you’ve found a suitable one and they decline. There’s the various stages of grief that begins with ‘oh bugger’ and swiftly moves to jealousy, and back again. Throw mea concept or two to see if they overlap with ours. Neurotic ownership of car-parking spaces? Check.

      • Nope, this was bona fide work!!!!! Will have to leave it as an ecumenical matter for now!! I know what you mean about the stages thing; I take it way too personal, and feel that I’ve been dumped. Then I start to question myself: was it me?? Was I too desperate and clingy?? etc etc. Over it now though….. ish . Par for the course in my line of work, which is too much of a niche for its own good!!!

      • It’s hard not to. You want to balance integrity of the work place with giving someone new a chance to settle in but ultimately conform. *dalek voice* Thou shall conform thou shall conform. We are the anointed voluntary sector. Oh wait, I veered into Thunderbirds with my arms there. There’s usually some annoying bollocks in the wings unhelpfully putting out “it just wasn’t meant to be.” Praise be I was almost that person there for a second but copped myself on before my fingers got near the keys. I shall have to park my intrigue on the work matter on the back burner then. Simmering. No, seething. Have fun whatever yiz get up to.

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