Blogging will eat itself

One blogger’s attempt at a credible post title is another’s flimsy twist on a haggard pop cultural reference.

One blogger’s subdued, minimalist theme is another’s so bland and lacking all character.

One blogger’s lovingly curated family album for posterity is another’s idea of setting them up for a surprise Truman Show type ending when they’re old enough.

One blogger’s honest heartfelt piece is another’s honest heartfelt piece. Oh. How did that happen? Regularly, no doubt.

One blogger’s honest heartfelt piece is occasionally another’s honest but somewhat inauthentic piece that ever so slightly feels more concerned with appealing to potential editors and a variety of audiences.

One blogger’s Malcolm Tucker linked laugh is another’s opportunity for a spectacular eye-roll.

One blogger’s factual blog is another’s insight to that person’s life.

One blogger’s TMI is another’s GSOH.

One blogger’s considered account of their experience of depression is another blogger’s considered account of that experience of depression.

One blogger’s considered account of a personal issue is another’s overstepping the mark.

One blogger’s considered account of a personal issue is another’s considered account of a personal experience of that issue.

One blogger’s passive aggressive post is another’s fair game post.

One blogger’s fair game post is another’s passive aggressive post.

One blogger’s exposure of their vulnerability is another’s compulsion to volunteer on behalf of the seemingly unhealthy limits of that blogger’s boundaries.

One blogger’s compulsion to volunteer on behalf of the seemingly unhealthy state of another blogger’s boundaries is another’s potentially dodgy veer into unquantifiable territory.

One blogger’s LOL is another’s WTF.

One blogger’s standards of respectability are another’s inadvertent instrument of shame and stigma.

One blogger’s attempt to break the damaging silence on taboo issues and help empower others is another’s bad taste and over-exposure. Depending on the taboo.

One blogger’s undeclared zone of discomfort is another’s willingness to step out of theirs and connect with others standing on the precipice of their own.

One blogger’s winning shine is a case of no shimmer to another.

One blogger’s award loser is another’s champion regardless.

One blogger’s off-beam stab at unpicking some sticky questions around value judgements we all make on blogging is another’s incomprehensible loada wank. Obviously.

Such is blogging.


11 thoughts on “Blogging will eat itself

  1. I do agree, and this is a fine post. However, to um throw my oar in, methinks you’ve got yourself so stuck in what-to-post quandaries that you’ve done the one thing that’s bound to make it worse – you’ve read too many posts by other people. To quote the Great Man, (whose emoticon I can never remember) you need a little less conversation, and a little more action,

    Steps down from lectern and runs away……very fast.

    • Get your feathered arse back here woman! Thanks for that – a healthy and timely intervention. You’re probably right. It’s been a bit Whinge FM around here lately. I’m probably overthinking it, but I read a post elsewhere on privacy that sparked a scribble on a few ideas that had been floating around for a bit and tied them up neatly. But that’s me well and truly purged of my blogging angst now for a bit. Till next time. Muwhwhwhaha. Your prompt lines are almost defrosted in the mental microwave, too. Yay.

  2. Nothing wrong in whinging; you do it with such a fine turn of phrase, but I sense a darker Malaise. You have a good strong voice (heard it over hear a minute ago) gwan do another post. There’s a cup of tea in for ye.

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