Tagging along: A year in blog

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missing cake

Eh, there was no porridge left so I made a bit of a head start on the cake

365 days. 160 blog posts. 1,976 half-heard conversations with my fella. One mighty thanks to you for kindly sticking yer head round the door to humour me and trade the odd bita banter. Champagne for my real friends, as the man says, and Football Special for my blogging friends. Wee Birdie, the vintage black label Irn Bru is on its way to you from a Fr. Ted look-a-like. Apparently there are only three in existence. Rod Stewart has one but no-one is certain about the other.

And as a little gift to meself…

Top 5 reasons to take a wee rest from blogging using song titles

1. A man needs a maid

2. I Killed a Party Again

3. I Wanna Go to Marz

4. Running on empty

5. Comes a time

I couldn’t find any songs with ‘getting rid of the muffin top’ in the title. Leave it with me. I’ll see what I can do and come back and share it with the group.

Meanwhile, in the words of one of the true heroines of the silver screen….

Keep swimming

Dory, Finding Nemo

13 thoughts on “Tagging along: A year in blog

  1. Well, that’s quite an emotional rollercoaster you put me on!! Can I just go on the teacups now?? I’ve dusted a shelf for my deluxe Irn Bru, and put the oven on for meh peh. I don’t know what to say about your break….I’ll really miss your witty and insightul posts, not to mention the pithy remarks you fill my comments with. I’m going to have to go with Van the Man for my lyrics, “Baby, please don’t go” (Feel free to replace “Baby” with “missus”, cos it nearly scans, don’t want to get too cheesy.) Please can I be your pal IRL??? And if you say no, I will find you.

    • You bet I’m yer pal, Baby. There’s no chance of me permanently bunking off. I’m as perennial as the weeds cropping in up in your garden, trying to fit in with the elegant flowers. See you over at your place for the next wee while. 🙂

      • Well that’s alright then 🙂 Smooths down hair and shoves bloodhound back into kennel. I’ll put the kettle on.

  2. PS, I’m not liking this post because I’m having a strop that you’re going on a break. Hmph. Tosses fringe to one side and folds arms over busom.

  3. Ah for feck sake, all the good bloggers quit and all the shit ones win an Irish Blog Award. We must have been an awful shower in another life to deserve this. Have a good break.

  4. Apparently we were overly fond an emoticon. Folk didn’t realise we were insincere till it was too late.

    Thanks, JD. To be long-listed for a nod from my esteemed blogeagues is honour enough *fingers down throat*. I semi-retire in the hope you’ll have resumed keyboard duties by the time I return from my coach trip.

  5. Wha’? NOOOOOOOOOO. I was comin’ here to soulfully warble ‘Purrrrrrlease don’t go, don’t goooooooooo’ but I see I’m two weeks late, damn my infernal internet, Smithers.

    I leave you with the perennial social media favourite: U ok hun?

    • Hehe. *reaches for another trusty social media soundbite* I’m so offended. (by the lack of my own lack of inspiration. Never thought I’d see the day when I’d run out of shit to say). I’m re-grouping with the rest of my personalities. Meanwhile it’s mostly reading. It must be coming up on your second brazilaversary soon. I await your review in anticipation. Insert obligatory web kisses here.

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