Tuesday night music club #4

On a Saturday. The morning after the laugh with old friends before, youtubing my way out of bed with the echoes of pub chat ricocheting off the pillows.

What to say about this track. Nothing. A comment below the video nailed it better than I ever could:

“This song has a carefree and youthful melody that is seriously addicting. When you’re at that age where you think you’re going to live forever and life just seems like one endless adventure because there’s so much you’ve yet to experience. It makes me want to run through an open field and do cartwheels or link hands with a friend and spin around in a circle until we get dizzy and fall”

Open field might be pushing it, but I’ll chance the kitchen. I’m off to grab my daughter’s reluctant little hands for a spin around. Wring the last drops out of the residual high before the inevitable blindsiding crash at noon when she’ll take a notion she wants to it hear again. *Munch scream*

4 thoughts on “Tuesday night music club #4

  1. Like how you’ve gone back in time to get to Tuesday! Good choice of track, one to skip along too. By the way, I think I heard your scream…..hope you don’t look how your head is making you feel 🙂

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