The life-cycle of one bride’s email relationship with her hairdresser

Hi there

Just got your info from the site. I was wondering if you would be available for hair & make-up on Tuesday 20th September. I’m getting married in the registry office at 3:30pm. It’s just the pair of us without guests or glamour but I’d like to look half decent. We’re travelling to the city the previous evening so a trial in advance wouldn’t really be an option. Just to have my hair styled would be grand, and some light make-up would be great. You can advise me on cost, location etc. We’ll likely be staying in a city centre hotel. You’d be welcome to come there if need be. Hope to hear from you soon.

Many thanks


Congratulations on your wedding,
Yes i am available for your date.

I would be able to do your hair and make up in your hotel,  e mail where you are staying when you have made a decision.
There would be no charge for travel as it’s in the city centre, for both hair and make up it would cost you €80.

If you have an idea on how you would like your hair and make up to look e mail me some pictures so I can have the relevant colours etc with me.

Take care and talk soon

That’s great. Thanks for getting back so quickly.

I’ll let you know where we’re staying once we’ve booked, and what colour my dress is when I get it.

I don’t usually wear make-up, so I’m comfortable with a fairly light make-over when I do.

My hair is shortish but enough length to tie it up. It has a kink and I normally curl it with a diffuser and wrapping it round my fingers. Could probably do with defining the curls a bit and tidying it up at the back. I’m not overly fussed to honest. I’ll try to send you a photo nearer the time too.

Will be in touch again soon.

All the best


can i just have a contact number so i can hold the date for you?
looking forward to hearing from you with all your wedding plans.

kind regards



We are alike in so many ways. For instance, we both have eyes, and a nose.

Hi again

Just to let you know this is the dress I’ll be wearing [insert meringue here] I’ll be less than half as glamorous, and six months gone by then. I’ll probably wear black tights & shoes (though any suggestions to the contary would be welcome).

My hair is auburnish. Had a look through some upstyles. Tied up at the back (nape of neck) would be grand, but I’d prefer something more on the dishevelled side than a slick do.  Maybe not a million miles from Eva thingiemabob’s style in this picture..  except I’ve a side-parting and a raggedy fringe.

Will be in contact nearer the date with hotel details.

Best wishes


LOVE the dress it’s really beautiful, have you a black sash to tie round it? If so then I would go with the black shoes/tights combo.
If however your sash is the same colour as the dress how would you feel wearing nude colour shoes with either tan or natural tights this look would be lovely also.
The “Eva” style is gorgeous and will work very well with your dress,
If you have anymore questions ask away and I look forward to meeting you soon. Not long more now! 
Take care and talk soon
Not so long now! We’re staying in Jury’s. I’m aiming to be ready by about 2:15pm, if that suits you ok, so you can let me know how much time you’ll need and I’ll get rid of the Groom. Also let me know if you want me to wash my hair in advance or whatever is handiest for you.
It’ll take roughly 1 1/2 hours for your hair and make up to be done so if I came to you for 12.30pm this will give you time to change also.
You can wash your hair that morning and i will curl and style it when I arrive.
If you have any questions ask away.
Take care and talk soon

That’s grand.. I’ll have him out of the way by 12:30.

Looking forward to meeting you then!

Looking forward to meeting you too!!

Just thought of you last week as I crossed the threshold of our one year anniversary. Hard to believe it’s a year since we were holed up in Jury’s. Does it get any more glam?

Hope your family and business are thriving. I had a wee girl, Penelope*, just after Christmas. Tis all good.

All the best

Ahh so nice to hear from my past brides, yes a year hey how fast that year has gone..
Penelope is a lovely name I’m sure she’s keeping you busy girls are great fun.
Work is going well thank god I’m delighted and the family are well your very good to ask. :o)
Feel free to send me on a snap shot of yourselves that I could use for my portfolio if you’d like.
*Not her real name. That was our 374th choice

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