Five reasons why winter is better than summer

1. Better telly, cinema, and album releases.

2. Rubber-necking drivers can rarely identify you when out walking of an evening. Does anyone under 80 go walking ‘of an evening’? I’m going later, once my new cane arrives.

3. January is freighted with pressure to radically change. No-one ever asks what your End of Year resolutions are. They’re yours to quietly implement from September and be rewarded for by Christmas. The Feast of St. Dysfunctional Families.

4. That’s it with the perpetual early Sunday morning pneumatic grass-cutting for another 6 months. Thank fuck.

5. So long salad. Healthy, non-labour intensive, weather appropriate etc. You’re no dinner though.

7 thoughts on “Five reasons why winter is better than summer

  1. Aye, but what about the long, dark,black,bleak nights….the extra strong rain…. the absolute pointlessness of November and February. And thanks to global warming we didn’t get a single sledging day last winter. I only moved to the country to get extra days off work on Snow Days!

    • It’s 21 degrees here today. I’ve been looking lovingly at my heavy duty deniers for the past fortnight. Summer has been encroaching on Autumn for years. And of course, my fella’s loving it, if only that it ensures the central heating stays off another while – every Irish Man’s obsession. Bring it on, I say.

  2. 21 degrees!! That’s Riveria weather. Tonight we had the Grand Ceremonial Lighting of the First Coal Fire of the Season. I’ve had to take my socks off, it’s so refreshingly warm. I do like how winter simplifies Wardrobe Decisions – big boots and big coat with everything. And the 120 denier is so much better on the legs. I tried Nude tights in summer and couldn’t thole it, I felt so frumpy. I had to go back to jeans. I like this bit; the Autumn mists and brilliant colours. But from mid November to mid February it’s pitch black when I get the early bus. No bus stop for me. I stand at the road end in my reflective cycling gear – because ending up as road kill is not a good look – and flag down everything with lights because I can’t tell which one is the bus. One of these days a leery lorry driver is going to stop and take me away from all this.

    • “One of these days a leery lorry driver is going to stop and take me away from all this.”

      I take it all back (except the bit about the tights).

      By the way, congratulations on your non-divorce from the mothership. Just heard the news.

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