Suggestion Box

This is probably a premature and overly ambitious post given this blog’s small (but beautifully formed) following. I haven’t elaborated on why I took to the electronic quill, and I don’t know if it’s worth thinking about too much. If there’s a certain freedom to be found in writing, that feeling is maintained by keeping the space between the words free from reasons for them.

I’ve had to credit spontaneity more than once for progress in life (“Let’s stick a pin in a map! Denmark? Fuck it, let’s go live there” “I’d love go to the Netherlands. With no money” “Work with a triple X hard-core paramilitary infested community on every other side of the track? Fuck it, why not!” “Let’s run away and get married” etc.). This blog was another small act of defiance against boredom.

Being undisciplined in every aspect of life bar work and love makes for occasionally fun  – but sometimes chaotic – consequences. I find myself now in need of applying occasional discipline to the words here. Blogging is mostly about giving, but receiving the thoughts of others gives the thrill of thinking on the hoof. I type faster responding to another on a messageboard discussion than typing aloud to myself here to start with.

So if you would like to give me a keyboard up, feel free to throw out a topic or a post title or a line or a whatever you’re having yourself, below this post. I’ll aim to pick it up and run with it to see where it takes me. You can do it anonymously, if you prefer. The response function asks for an email but you can make one up. Pity suggestions to break up the rush of tumbleweeds are also welcome.


2 thoughts on “Suggestion Box

  1. Have to say that I’m really enjoying your (be)musings on motherhood especially. More of those, please! And I’d love more music-related stuff: recommendations old and new, reminiscences, can’tbelieveilistenedtothatshite-ences, etc. And I wanna hear that story about Denmark again. It’s all good!

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