Full Stop

The screen that first looked back in blank defiance

The defiant North typing up the drama queen’s highway

The crowning of her and him with words they’ll never see

The sight of the first of a million abortion stories already told

The last shelter of cherished anonymity giving it away for free

The feeling of standing beneath a downpour of thoughts unblocked

The poring over of puddles of muddles without a reigncoat on

The top fives, the Bono-bashing, the back-tracking, the track-listing

The listlessness, the taking the pissness, the carelessness

The fall into a deep comma, the semi-colonoscopies and





6 thoughts on “Full Stop

  1. Just wanted a last look. I hadn’t seen your final adios (wanted to use the French version there but google wouldn’t even accept my spelling of it). Farewell, Department: bits of you will live on in that weird cesspool Twitter. See you there!

  2. I’m the worst of them. Haven’t been able to read blogs for a while and that I’m commenting a month late is a shocking indictment of both me and the human race in general. I will miss you. ‘Til Twitter. xx

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