Round-up: Favourite blog reads of the year

Admittedly, I miss writing, but I’d miss reading more if I couldn’t do it; and 2016 was the year of a few quality blog finds.

Here lies a handful of toppa the head reads. Some of the subject matter is serious, the matters diverse, with certain posts straying from the author’s main bag; but all are united by a wicked way with words, a lightness of depth, a depth of laugh, and a reservoir of chin-strokes to share out among their readers.

In order as random as they were read and written..

Prince and The feels by Tara Sparling

Other people’s children by Different Shores

A few words from our sponsors by Blathering About Nothing 

Musings on mumhood – feminism, love and grief by The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive

Different Worlds, Same Place by Little Steps to Somewhere

An Open Letter from Santa by Maxburbank

Virtual Advice by Elan Mudrow

Letter to My 70 year-old decrepit self by Aine Carson

Hospitality by Awfully Chipper

As for the forgotten – just take it that I take it that they know which ones they are. And feel free to share yer own.

24 thoughts on “Round-up: Favourite blog reads of the year

  1. Thank you kindly for that – I’ll check out the others as well as it’s always good to have recommendations from discerning types like yourself! Not saying that because I was included here…..ha. I have heartily enjoyed keeping up with D of S too, long may you continue, blog friend

  2. Aw, shucks Missus. Thanks for the mention. Did we say a tenner?

    Some discerning picks there – I liked that one by our Antipodean Blatherer too

  3. *blushes* – why thank you, I am humbled at being included on your list right here, and in such good company. It gives a girl the will to go on! (for another week at least!) I, too, will need to check out all the blogs you mention, although of course I have already read Little Steps to Somewhere, and I am now considering changing my name to The Antipodean Blatherer. I wish I’d thought of that!!

  4. I enjoyed the variety. I am only familiar with three of those bloggers and particularly enjoyed ‘a quick word from our sponsors.’ But….Just wondering did my tenner get lost in the post, or was I too high brow?

    • Bitterness so becomes you, tric. You should wear it more often then I’d be recommending you every week. But no, you come along with your measured mix of insight and optimism, stealing our national columnist jobs with brevity, laughs, and self-deprecation. And what am I left with? Faint hope of my next flirtation with the keyboard involving something less thrilling than chronic Dad-dancing and eradicating one of god’s sacred creatures *flicks cigarette on ground, stubs it out with heel* I give up. Click here, readers, to see what I mean about this kill-misery c

      • Hahahaha. Yes I did think I might be too brilliant for your list.
        I am always intrigued to see what blogs others follow, especially bloggers you enjoy and identify with,(so not you!) I enjoyed your list, in my bitterness.

      • I’ve left out a whole hep, as the man says. Just who was that man anyway? Hmmm *assesses merits of blogging about this mysterious entity. I should’ve made it a linky so I could get a nosey at others and invade new blogs. Damn.

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