Where do blogs go to die?

Do you believe in a blogging afterlife?

What happens to a blog’s soul once it dies?

What is the average life expectancy of a blog?

Do you think a blog has the right to self-determination when it comes to its end-of-life?

What if the blog no longer wishes to be a burden on the blogosphere?

All thoughts welcome.

20 thoughts on “Where do blogs go to die?

  1. You’re doing a fine line in attention seeking, Missus “frowns and purses lips in the facial expression known as the Cat’s Arse*.

    We have a DP mission to achieve. I’ve even bought one of her books for inspiration. I’ve just come from Young Miss Tara and read her Mara piece – so I invited her along to the DP soiree. Missy T has real readers – Missus, this could be the making of us!!

      • Yes, but she has already opted out – due to the demands of other non-written posts. What a quitter *shakes head at how Young Wimmen today just don’t appreciate the finer points of procrastination* Stalwarts like ourselves would never dream of owning up straight away to things we won’t do.

      • Oi!!! Just because I’m late to the meeting, doesn’t mean you can do the minutes without me! Yeah, I quit this one before I began. But that’s what comes of suggestion anything to me in the Silly Season. As soon as August is over I’ll be back to making empty promises all over the shop. In the meantime I’ll mull over the DP/Mara alternate timeline/universe issues.

        On another note, back to your original post, Tenderlation. If I was a nasty social media whore, I’d be asking “U OK hun?” But seeing as I’m not, I just wanted to know if this is a cry for help, or should I be getting out the defibrillators? I always have at least two handy.

  2. Hope you’re over this now? I sometimes also have these moments about ditching my marriage and of course my children. Then it comes to birthdays and Christmas and I think of the presents…

    • Saved by the prospect of body lotion! A worthy reason to stay put. Funny, I’m usually the one going “you’d all be better off without me” *back of hand to forehead in dramatic fashion* before veering quickly to the realisation I’m seriously underselling myself. 🙂

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