Mother inferior

So, wannabe Conservative Party leader, Andrea Leadsom, reckons having children gives her the edge on rival, Theresa May. Apparently, it elevates the status of her stake in the future of Britain to higher worth. It worked for Thatcher, remember?

It’s hardly a surprising assertion given the only comparative differentiation between one candidate and the other is anxiety about getting children into the best private schools. A low point for meaty mud-slinging, but a possible Mexican eye-roll opportunity for women across the Northern Hemisphere who do not have children.

While commentators are foaming at the keyboard, many women will be reminded of how they are regular receptacles for the same assertion made more matter-of-factly along with a number of other assumptions far too frequently strewn around.

If you’re a woman who doesn’t have children, it’s likely you’ll be unsurprised to learn the following:

  • Your capacity to be affected by horrific news stories of children dying isn’t as great as women who do.
  • Sexism and discrimination in the workplace don’t affect you as negatively.
  • Your work ethic is not under the same scrutiny or pressure for reform so you don’t work as hard either. No need for you to prove yourself.
  • It’s your choice to work 80 hours in a top corporate job at the expense of your fertility. Because life’s that simple, and worthy work, or ‘careers’ are only ever to be found in those sectors that require grooming and a third level alma mater.
  • Consequently, you probably haven’t suffered the indignity of participating in ‘low-skilled’ work.
  • If, or when, you ever do have children, it’s only then you’ll realise the need for feminism.
  • You’re constantly hung-over. You lucky sod.
  • You smell of cat wee. Probably.

16 thoughts on “Mother inferior

  1. Well said, Missus. Now I know which one of them said, “and I’m a Mum” as a reason to vote for her. I just heard it out of the corner of my ear and wondered WTF does that have to do with anything. I do like your third last one; and am proud to say that the Kid gets it. I think your last one need an edit, so that it reads, ‘you smell of cat wee. Probably.’ Here endith my critique.

    • Duly noted and changed. I feel a joint post coming on. At this stage in our blogging collaborations – you know it makes sense *giddy squeal* Alternatively, you could just edit all my posts. At this stage in our reading collaborations, you know it makes sense *flings self at thy feet to beg of you*

  2. We could do it like that game – Consequences. You know, when you draw a body part, fold over the paper and give it to the next person – and you end up with a creature worthy of Frankenstein There’s definitely an audience waiting for it. I mean haven’t you noticed how we now some have mutual followers??? 😉

    • I’ve never heard of that one. We generally just beat each other the head with a geography text book (or similar). You start the first paragraph, and pass it over to me to ruin your good work. And yep – I’ve noticed the mutuals. I’m never sure now which personality to wear these days. Yikes.

      • It’s like they’re stalking us for the banter! Will consider how to do this blog duo thing. I think it might involve those pingback thingys. Or we could start a Thing. Join in Thursday – obviously with a better title because it has to involve alliteration. We could tweet about it HAH!!

      • Yep, I’d be up for a joint join-in enterprise thing. I usually need a co-facilitator for the tricky folk. A bunch of Irish writers clubbed together to write a chapter each for a novel. So, that’s been done already. Electricity has been invented too. And gigantic post-it notes. I’m always this *millimetre gap between index finger & thumb* from the big ideas. You’re our leader. I will follow.

      • Hmm. No pressure there then! Currently creating and developing a workshop I am delivering tomorrow morning. I use the Osmosis method. All the ideas which float around my head when I’m on the bus burst force about 11:50 the night before.

      • Some experts have discovered strong links between the Osmosis Method and Constructive Procrastination.

      • Yup 🙂 I got away it. Glowing evaluation forms. The trick is to ask the right questions so that they get it on with it themselves. Even I got ideas to take away! The only mistake I made was eating ALL the leftover skittles after they had gone. The resulting sugar crash had me wilting so badly that I had a snooze under my desk.

      • 100g of solid sugar *hangs head in shaky shame* I blame the reckless adrenalin of getting away with it

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