Notes on Racism and the Brexit Referendum

Cunning Hired Knaves


The question is not whether you are racist but whether the things you do have racist effects.

In the reaction to last week’s Leave vote in the Brexit referendum, people who take aim at all ‘the racists’ who voted Leave, and others who defended Leave voters as ‘not racist’, are both missing the point. The basis for the Leave campaign, the grounds upon which it was fought, the way in which it was presented in Britain’s media, and indeed the way prominent figures in the Remain campaign treated the question of immigration as a ‘legitimate concern’ were all racist.

The assumed premises of the referendum: that some sort of stop would be put to immigration, and that one group -‘the British people’ had the absolute right to decide on what ought to happen with millions of other people living in the UK without them even being consulted, were racist.


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3 thoughts on “Notes on Racism and the Brexit Referendum

  1. It’s a downright peculiar state of affairs. I did like how Oor Man in Europe got a standing ovation yesterday. The adage of Little Englander has never been so relevant.

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