Did ye get heeled?

Word has reached the dungeon that Price Waterhouse Cooper sent a receptionist home for not wearing the requisite heels on the job. It was only a matter of one phone-call from a lazy radio show researcher before Minister for PR, Terry Prone, was forced to take cover under a cloud of smug from where she instructed us all on the etiquette ways of the workplace.

To summarise:

Flat-shoed + make-up free = disrespectful

Heeled-up + make-up wearing  = respectful

As a crude argument, it was highly impressive.

Sharp intakes of breath ensued across Ireland FM with the rapid reaction force launching sexist-seeking missiles towards nonsensical arguments that fail to support the double-standards women are forced to endure.

To summarise:

PwC policy + Terry Prone defence = pile of sexist shit.

As a sophisticated feminist argument against sexist practices, it was a hard one to challenge.

As an example of the corporate world’s ugly self-regard, the incident was another glaring one that mystifyingly managed to evade attack.


Sheila wasn’t sure if her heels had made her unsteady

or if it was just the feeling of power going to her head


8 thoughts on “Did ye get heeled?

  1. No way. Did she really try and defend that? Christ on a bike. Next up, Terry mansplains why female radio presenters are paid less than Presentatron (TM) Anton Savage.

      • I couldn’t believe what I was hearing when she defended it. My friend works for PWC, I’ll have to check her high heel policy next time I see her.
        I have to admit I’m an Anton fan. Every so often though I try to convince myself that he was raised by a wonderful nanny instead of having Terry’s influence on a daily basis.

      • I suffer the same invasion of nasty thoughts. Although mine include him reading the news professionally at the dinner table as a ten year old. I’m sure there’s footage of him doing similar as a nipper participating in The Toy Show circa 1990. Apparently it wasn’t PwC policy but the job agency that placed her there. Well, that makes it perfectly OK then.

  2. Wow! Just checked the link, then told my (male) partner, who immediately said “that is f*cked!” and then asked whether PWC requires their male receptionists to follow the “make up and high heels” rule?

  3. It was quite a ridiculous state of affairs. Me, I go for make up and scruffy flat heeled boots. Clearly sending out mixed messages…..

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