Two more years?


Why the negativity? Well, I am celebrating my two-year blogiversary in classic Irish Mammy style.

This is how the routine usually works:

Me: Fancy going to that Cliff Richard Tribute show?
My Mother: When is it on?
Me: March… eh…2018.
MM: Ah, maybe, if I’m still around then.

Not really. She’s strictly a Sinatra woman.

So yeah, two years as a German truck-driver called Claus masquerading as a put-upon middle-aged Irish woman. Here are my stats:

Anticipated benefits from blogging before starting:
Substitute for a hobby 24%
Releasing internal monologues/dialogues 25 %
Staving off hunger/anxiety 51%

Marathon, black silhouettes of runners on the sunset

Wouldn’t you think they’d get themselves a real hobby

Actual benefits derived from blogging:
Substitute for a hobby 2%
Staving off hunger/anxiety 3%
Getting lost in the moment 15%
Releasing internal monologue/dialogues 80%

Prevailing feelings while actually blogging:
Slight mortification. Seriously, who is going to read this shite? 10%
The lethal combination of confidence and righteousness.
Seriously, I don’t think this is half-bad, even if I say so myself 20%
Bono really is an insufferable wanker 21%
Hunger 22%
Reasonable contentment from the distraction of concentrating on the moment in manner similar to following a recipe. Mixing ingredients requires the usually elusive present-moment thinking. Especially when those ingredients include righteousness and verbosity. 27%

Prevailing feelings directly after blogging*:
Slight mortification. Seriously, who is going to read this shite? 50%
The lethal combination of confidence and righteousness. Seriously, who is..etc. 50%
*before typos discovered two weeks later, if at all

The blogger I’ll never be but love others for being:
Themed or focused
Curator of an engaging and lively comments section

Reasons for going anonymous:
To hide from Bono’s ‘people’
Getting to play with more than one persona than if I went with one public version
The freedom of unrestricted thinking and motivation
Sometimes I’m not quite sure

The downsides of being anonymous:
Enabling unrestricted freewheeling that leaves a spaghetti junction of thoughts and themes, which lets a few in but shut plenty out. Probably.

Most Delicate blogging balancing acts:
Earnestness with lightness
Eating with typing
Reading others with not giving up
Truth with truth*
Meaning with understanding
*Duplicate words. Please complete as instructed

Not a mistake. One woman’s joke is another’s man’s truth. Searing honesty comes in more than one size. Naked words on a page might do it for one; but the treasures of what lies between the words of other bloggers can often pull a mightier punch.

Any final comments?
Thanks for reading

15 thoughts on “Two more years?

  1. Happy Blogiversary. I don’t look too far ahead, as long as I’m enjoying this space I’ll stick with it.
    I love your blog, in fact you are in my top three blogs I love to read.
    I think you’ll be ranting here for a while longer. (I hope I’m right)

  2. Belated Blogirthday!!! I was here yesterday, but eating so couldn’t type! Still eating, but have an image of you standing like Eeyore with a burst birthday balloon….:-) I’m with Tric – you’re in my top three too. Maybe this blogging lark can be a bit over-rated – it’s like when you think if I just buy that pair of shoes I will have a fabulous life like the girl in the picture. If you want lots of numbers, you have to really apply yourself to social media and all that faff. Since neither of us can be arsed with that faff, we’ll just have to make do with each other!

    Bits I like about this post:

    Remembering how we bonded over mutual dislike of the Bono – no idea what we said, but I know there was a fuzzy warmth of kindred spirits.

    It doesn’t really work as a hobby, does it?

    I share your mortification. But also indignation when a fine post isn’t read!

    Anonymous is the way to go – I’m hiding from the people of Himself.

    And you are the curator of a lively comments section – that’s why I’m here 🙂

    • Funny, I WAS doing an Eeyore yesterday! But only on account of Prince departing this world 😦

      Otherwise I’m grand, and chuffed to be reminded of the context of our collision. It was meant to be *sniff*

      Aye yer right about the expiration of the buzz. Like the rush to get home on a Friday; the anticipation of a take-away, then ground-hoggingly feeling thoroughly unsatisfied by the end of it. Invariably I’ll end up scanning the fridge of my imagination looking for the next hit. But there’s only mouldy cheese. Plus, there’s a pattern I recognise concerning an inability to sustain the long game. In anything. Story of me puff.

      I hope learning I’m Claus from Düsseldorf won’t change anything between us. I’m also the other two bloggers in your top three. I think.

  3. Happy anniversary! I just kind of stumbled upon this post – made me laugh though!! I feel the same way wondering if anyone will like my posts – someone always does, but every time I assume the one I’m ABOUT to post will be the end of me. Funny to hear similar thoughts.

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