5 reasons to see Sing Street

  1. For nailing the back-combed ’80s aesthetic. This is the film Spielberg might’ve made had he grown up in Ireland where the clergy were our alien life form
  2. For the nostalgia, particularly drowning out bickering parents with The Next Best Thing on the turntable, pausing momentarily to speculate on the fate of their marriage with similarly nonchalant siblings. But not for that long
  3. For a few seconds of The Blades’ Down Market
  4. For championing teenage misfits in all their hormonally simmering, earnest, clumsy world-conquering crusade. Especially Jack Reynor’s jaded 21 year-old teenager who has seen it all
  5. For making the clear case for why prom night always beats the most extravagant and wild debs. Always.

6 thoughts on “5 reasons to see Sing Street

  1. I had an accidental backcombed mullet…. I used to cut it myself but couldn’t reach the back, hence the mullet. And the backcombing covered up the squint cutting. Took years to get it all same length. Now it’s short and I can’t live without my six week fix.

    • Ah the aul DIY jobs. I get horrific flashbacks when I approach my wee one’s rapid growing fringe with the shears. So in awe was I with one particular style (shaved at the back, top heavy), my mother dragged me to her blue rinsed outfit for the chop after I got in serious trouble. Genius punishment that still inspires respect.

      • The Kid has Problem Hair – it grows a bit weirdly. Wee Thing had hardly any as a babe. I think he was about 3 before there was enough to cut. And by that time I’d waited so long for the back and sides to grow,…he had a mullet thing going on. There’s even a rather unfortunate photo to prove my neglect.

      • And it least it will grow back…even at our age! More age appropriate than getting a tattoo in Ibizia… or wherever the Young Folks go these days.

  2. BTW I’ve always wanted one of those shaved at the back numbers too. I still hope that my body and face will shrink enough to allow a Mia Farrow pixie crop 🙂

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