Mary McGill: Feminism Inc.

At last. The rise of corporate ‘feminism’ gets a proper kicking. Long over due. This is a fantastic piece from Mary McGill. Bang on the button. More on Dawn Foster here

The Coven

To mark International Women’s Day 2015, Sydney Opera House hosted ‘All About Women’, a day long symposium of female-focused talks. A highlight of the event was ‘How to Be a Feminist’, a panel discussion featuring, amongst others, Roxane Gay, Germaine Greer and Feminist Frequency’s Anita Sarkeesian. While outlining her vision for what it means to identify as ‘feminist’, Sarkeesian noted, “I realise this isn’t a popular thing to say but… feel good personal empowerment is not ‘how to be a feminist’. In order to be a feminist, we have a responsibility beyond ourselves. We have a responsibility to each other and we have a responsibility to work for the collective liberation of all women.”

Sarkeesian’s words replayed in my mind this week as I read Lean Out by journalist Dawn Foster. As its title suggests, Lean Out takes a sobering, critical look at Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg’s 2013 book…

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7 thoughts on “Mary McGill: Feminism Inc.

  1. That’s a yes from me as well. Also, thanks for including the link to Dawn Foster, gonna stalk her on Twitter now and had been looking for something to read on me new Kindle doo dah

  2. She raises interesting points there about the land of Corporatism (thought I’d make up a word because that seems to be all the rage now). The Third Sector does seem more amenable to making equality happen, and having more flexibility in work patterns. There is clearly a link with money and roles. Corporate is driven by money and the need for more. Third Sector (usually without money) is often about the nurturing of people and making life better. Oh, hang on a minute that will be a feminine nurturing trait. There must be something in that. Discuss.

      • Aye, that will be down to our lack of self-esteem and self-worth; making do with what we can get and being ever so humble about it. *slathers self in L’Oreal products*

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