No more heroes anymore

It’s a low point for indulgence when you’ve only a handful of crème-egged sweets and mild temperatures left to work with. You should never mix your confectionary seasons anyway. It creates an unsettling cognitive dissonance. I don’t ever recall tucking into a chocolate Santa on Easter Sunday morning. But I wouldn’t be averse to the idea if it can be arranged.

It’s day two from my sick bed *back of hand to forehead for fever-check* so if there is a chocolate Santa within a 200m radius, I’ll have to eat it on the sly in case I trigger a downpour of doubts over my deteriorating condition. Namely, my internal dialogue. I’m nearing Ferris Bueller levels of voice recovery but I was left alone with my own thoughts for longer than what is normally tolerable and things have gotten slightly out of hand. I can only assume a similar outbreak of solitude led to the composition of the list below and other hallucinatory behaviour this time last year.

Do too

Turns out lying down is a popular yoga position in some cultures. Damn.

I fancy a black pen this year.

9 thoughts on “No more heroes anymore

  1. Very good! The black pen is a terrific choice, a constant reminder that life is a black, sucking, vortex of anguish and despair, filled with brief moments of false hope and empty joy, gleefully dragging you closer to final, absolute, and eternal death…and there goes my think positive New Years resolution. 🙂 Happy New Year.

    • That must be why I prefer the blue pen – to write the words of despair with a colour of hope ( unless you do word association of “the blues”…hmm) Anyway I’ve always avoided the black pen because it is too morbid. These days I’m quite fond of the pencil, with a rubber on the end for those indecisive moments.

    • *clicks stop-watch* Good man, J.D.. That was almost 36 hours. That’s the sort of over-achieving spirit I need to surround myself with more. Speaking of which, I meant to congratulate you on your short story commendation and new opportunities from same I read over on tric’s site a while back. I’m not sure if you’ll even get this response but besta luck with all. Would love to read it sometime if there’s ever an opportunity to do so 🙂

      • Thanks. Yeah I will stick the short story up on the blog soon once I resurrect the blog from the dead, the book thing is just emails and phone calls with a small independent publisher, they’ll probably quit the cocaine and tell me to do one fairly soon. 🙂

  2. I remember this diagram. Does this mean I can go on Mastermind and do your blog for my specialist subject??? Or does that make me a creepy stalker ;-/ You’re right about the lying down bit of yoga, we get five minutes every Tuesday. I’d like to offer my services for three of your ambitions….you can get off your arse, get on a plane and come visit your friend Weebluebirde 😀

    Are you properly unwell? Or just full of the malaise of end of year/what another one already thingy. I got that one quite bad. I’m quite miffed that I’m only getting my enthusiasm back with only one day of holiday to go.

  3. Your chart makes it look so easy. It’s the center portion of the diagram that bedevils the best. Oh, as for that horizontal yoga position. It’s only for the advanced practitioners. Beginners and those on long breaks have to work their way up to it.

    Happy 2016.

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