Help needed: Tops 5s of 2015





Tear jerking

Jerks featuring

No suggestion too big for the mental microwave.

2015 in Top 5…what?  Help a blogger out like the good blogeague you are. Gwan.

*resumes stare into middle distance*


4 thoughts on “Help needed: Tops 5s of 2015

  1. My top five of blogging hates are.

    5, sponsored posts, not admitted.
    4. sponsored posts, admitted
    3. Review posts.
    2. my family are so wonderful look what we did today posts
    1. Feckin lists. I hate lists.

    Although I’d like to read some of your top five of ‘this annoyed me this year’ or ‘of this I’m not proud’ as I think you’d do both very well.

    • Heh heh. I love it when you’re loathing, tric. Fabulous list, with which I can only nod at emphatically. That said, I love a well-constructed top 5 as per High Fidelity rather the net that has pilfered the artform and pulverised it into a *wince* listicle. I would be only too happy to compile the suggested list. By the looks of it, it might be the only one. Even better. As you can probably guess, I’m delighting in the energy the prospect of completing it is already giving me *fans self* Thank you for your kind response 🙂

  2. I’m a fan of the listicle as long as it’s not boringly brainless. My pet hate are blog posts like “5 #ways you know you #should be a #Model… 1. You constantly look at yourself in the mirror hahaha!!”. That sort of tripe. The listicle has been much maligned by sub-par amateurism. On the topic in hand, though, you know me, Speculation. Anything ranty is up my street but when twinned with your literary style and judging eye it’s a winner. Probably ridiculous jerks so.

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