13 thoughts on “Poll: Re-name my blog. I know. Thrilling.

  1. Hmm…..I like you just as you are 🙂 But I could get along with My Lefty Foot – that works on different levels. The others aren’t doing it for me. What about a phrase that sums up all of your parts? The Tender Curmudgeon??? 🙂 Will come back if I think of any more equally affectionate terms of endearment.

  2. You have a lot of good blog post titles to choose from, quite recently ‘From A Distance’, I think that would be good. Keep us posted!!!

  3. This is a toughie. I voted for My Lefty Foot because it’s funny and funny is like so in right now. But it mightn’t say anything about your blog to anybody outside Ireland, and that’s not going to help my, sorry, your quest for world domination. If a title should give an indication of what’s to come (she says belatedly), I believe a smidgeon of wry is called for.

  4. Did you change these since I voted earlier? I think whatever you decide think about it because I love your writing and your title should engage many. I like something not too obscure, as you have to appeal to the ‘less able’ but also something that says you, a little left of centre.
    I really like the first one, My own private echo chamber (in case you change it again) but I still really like ‘a persecution complex speaks’.
    Whatever you decide I hope it’s you and you’re happy with it.
    I chose mine, not even understanding what a blog was and it’s fitted well since. More luck than skill. 🙂 e

    • Ta Tric. Yeah, your name is spot on. I lack direction, said every teacher I ever had. Gawd I hate when they’re proved right. Excuse me for a sec while I chew my fist *chews fist*. So, yeah, I’m going to mull these wise and helpful comments over, and inevitably arrive at something equally ridiculous as the current title. Expect a plus one invite to the unveiling.

  5. I like Dave. Short and to the point.
    But My Lefty Foot has a certain charm as well. Good luck with the eh rebranding… or rebooting or whatever we’re calling it these days!

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