A short post about Morrissey

Two mates got hitched. Making their way to a gathering in the restaurant of a nearby hotel, they bump into Morrissey in the foyer. He’s playing locally that evening. The groom is a massive fan.

Groom: (nervously) Oh hi Morrissey

Morrissey: Is that bag leather? *points at Bride’s bag whilst hyperventilating* Hi

Groom: We just got married

Morrissey: Congratulations. I do hope it works out.

Bride & Groom: Ah, thanks.

All repair to their respective rooms.

8 thoughts on “A short post about Morrissey

  1. Speaking of hotel foyers and Morrissey, did I ever tell you about the time I was within spitting distance of him? About 2 years ago, the same night that Johnny Marr played Dublin. He was coincidentally in town the same night and always stays at The Clarence. Myself and a similarly obsessed friend decamped to the bar in the hopes of spotting him. I was walking out to the toilets at one point, he was sitting in the foyer waiting for a car. Eye contact was made. I may have puked in my mouth a bit. I turned on my heel and fled without saying a word. 😀 😀

    • Waaaahhh!!!! I was going to specifically address this post to you. I can’t believe it. But wait, I can. Because, like, what would one say if one were confronted with Sir Moz? Was he stalking Johnny? *Scooby Doo tense moment music*

    • Imagine if you were assigned to interview him on the release of his impending novel. Which I’m quite looking forward to. The novel, and you interviewing him. A lot of Autobiography made me groan but what marvellous fucking writing. I want him to ghost write my work meetings minutes.

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