Another weekend, another Saturday supplement featuring excerpts from Bono’s parenting blog.

I take my humble place among the begrudgers. Not because he behaves like any other amoral mega-rich parasite and doing so while presenting himself as a secular saint who has the right to lecture everyone else on economic justice. Or his hair-raising hypocrisy and limited grasp of development ethics. Or that his approach to aid reform in the developing world is propped up on a string of vanity campaigns underpinned by neo-liberal profit driven gains. Or that his entire approach to advocacy is that of classic paternalism: the privileged should show charity to the poor and be lauded for it, where justice or self-determination plays no part. Or for his failure to recognise and support the right of Africans to speak for themselves and determine their own course of action. Or for elbowing aside the integrity of protest music and dumbing down justice to a ring-tone. Or that he has unfettered access to the world stage, without a mandate, on which he smarmily pats the backs of war-mongers and his G8 buddies with whom he is on first names. Or the awe-inspiring cowardice he displays whilst on that podium as he publicly gives full-marks for the development efforts of the aforementioned whilst undermining the efforts and drowning out the weary voices of those engaged in legitimate justice campaigns as they struggle to bat away the stench of bullshit left by him and the more cynical Geldof. No, it’s because those shades are fucking ridiculous.

BonoBono arriving at the Ireland Blog Awards

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