Five reasons to see Song of the Sea

song of the sea

1. For its paced and magical weaving of Irish legends into an enchanting tale of wonder

2. For its stunningly beautiful animated odyssey that goes where CGI and Pixar could never venture

3. For reminding us of the power of our own fables in addressing the big issues of life in unexpectedly moving ways we had possibly forgotten

4. For enthrallingly transporting a child to a place where its eyes are transfixed on the screen like rarely before

5. For letting an old cynic be that child

9 thoughts on “Five reasons to see Song of the Sea

      • Actually, we saw it here a couple of months ago. I was really surprised when I found it wasn’t even out in Ireland yet. (Then we watched it again on Netflix.)

  1. It has beautiful hand Drawn animation which means no one will see it. It’s a shame that movies like this get pushed to the art house theaters and not the big ones 😦

  2. I’ve always felt that Studio G films have an adult feel to them, even when they are about children, and I got the same vibe from this guy’s movies. Lovely stuff! 🙂

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