Moving pictures


Pre-race nerves


An individual with her own unique stripes, but part of a big herd

away they go

And they’re off (roaring parents: not pictured)

the home straight

Thata girl, giving the Old Man a run for his money

to the finish line

Towards the finish line. (Being hauled in for an EPO test: not pictured)

the spoils

The goodie bag. “Is that it?”

 medal ceremony

“Now then” Oh  wait,we can’t say that anymore

our winner

“I’m not sure if these runners match my tracksuit”


Tinfoil Man attempts to escape his fans

3 thoughts on “Moving pictures

  1. She’s right you know, they don’t match! Looks like you had a Grand Day Out. Well done for bagging the job of Official Photographer 🙂

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