A very short, bland, and cranky post

There’s a video doing the rounds at the minute of a two-year old having a tantrum. The responses range from the predictable viral game of pass-the-parcel in the name of bland entertainment, while the more self-regarding sites have ushered in a few revered talking heads to give some consideration to parental responses to toddler tantrums. Which is all very harmless and right-on and will appeal to the mass parenting reading market. But this curmudgeon is sitting tight with a face on her like a badger’s arse and a curled lip for someone to  “weigh in” on the issue of children’s privacy, specifically their right to privacy on the net, irrespective of their age. Especially because of their age.

As you were.

10 thoughts on “A very short, bland, and cranky post

  1. I know I am out of kilter with so many, but every day I question what I am looking at online. Anything for a view, unless they really don’t for a moment believe their children have a right to privacy and a future without their babydays online following them.

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