14 thoughts on ““I like your manifesto, put it to the testo”

  1. sounds good to me 🙂 Is this copyrighted or can any old blogger have a go??? Try Iyengar yoga; it makes a lot of sense, and you can use props to get into the zone 🙂 And don’t be too hasty to give up the Bono Bashing – someone has to keep an eye on him!!

  2. Get anywhere with the yoga yet?. I done something similar and downloaded a yoga app a couple of months ago. I haven’t bothered to open it up yet, but maybe one day. Good luck with the rest :]

    • Ah thanks. Yer a good’un.

      I could hardly write yoga with a straight face nevermind practice it. I haven’t moved beyond my one move – crouching lazyarse, hidden jaffa cakes.

      G’luck yourself. Why not review your app and write a blog post on it. Please.

      • If I ever stop watching Netflix and decide to try the yoga app, I will review it. But, thats a long way off. I could write a fake yoga blog post. It would upset the yoga heads though. For some reason I want a Jaffa cake.

      • I love Jaffa cakes even tho are cheap. I usually eat the whole box in one sitting. Yes, I read that HOC is released on the 27 Feb. Great TV and I will have to watch it all in one go.

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