Tuesday Night Music Club #1

Welcome to the new segment of the blog in which I get to indulge myself even further by sharing my listening habits of the week. Mainly with myself. And an idea pilfered outright from the entertaining Paul over at Alfreds Almanac.

Most folk will be reluctantly trading in their summer wardrobe now for woollen cardigans and those much missed pairs of opaque tights. For some of us, the retreating sun signals the impulse to palm-rubbingly get our mitts to those records that have been hibernating in corners of living room shelves or tucked down driver door pockets. Their sounds incompatible with unsolicited rays of sunshine dancing on their covers.

John Martyn albums are my good winter coats. Timeless and functional. Providing insulation from the cold air I will to come get me. His guitar solos the fur-lined collars turned up high under slate grey skies. Danny Thompson’s bass the scarf that hangs around them. Another of the big brother hand-me-down sounds, so entwined with time immemorial.

Tonight I’ve chosen Head and Heart from 1971’s Bless The Weather album. Because it’s an acoustic kind of day. First stop-off on the way to the ground-breaking echo and reverb he made famous on Solid Air I’ll be back to by November. For now, here’s how to impressively put a full stop to a song.

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