79 blog post ideas

1. Share a step-by-step recipe for your beans and toast (with photos)

2. Share photos of your prescription drug display in your medicine cabinet

3. Ditto your underwear drawer

4. Re-visit your worst blog post and explain why it was shite

5. Break some news… that you just made up

6. Write a brief history on your favourite stationery item

7. Review a light-bulb

8. Create a beginner’s guide to maintaining an anonymous blog

9. Write out things you learned strictly from looking at Miriam O’Callaghan

10. Rant about someone else’s rant

11. Write a list of the things you would hate people to know about you

12. Review the Woman’s Way – then and now

13. List the most annoying tips bloggers give to other bloggers about blogging

14. Keep a sleep diary

15. Campaign for a father only day when parenting blogs are given over to fathers for one day

16. Write about your top 5 favourite glass ceilings

17. Speculate on what your child(ren) will make of your blog whenever they get round to reading

18. Make a note to your 65 year old self

19. Define the word ‘intelligent’

20. Conduct a survey on people’s favourite cheeses

21. List the topics you fear coming up in conversation socially

22. Review ‘The Book of Questions’

23. Suggest who should play the role of other bloggers in a film featuring other bloggers you know only through blogging

24. Interview men on their experiences and trials of fatherhood

25. Produce an advert for blogging

26. List your favourite 26 men who share your nationality in alphabetical order

27. Ditto your 26 favourite women applying the same criteria

28. Review your next take-away meal

29. Write a job description and spec for a would-be blogger

30. Write a short story with the opening line… “The lift door closed and I turned to see Michael Flatley staring straight at me”

31. Make a list of five contemporary women promoting accessible feminism that doesn’t include Caitlin Moran

32. Write about the challenges of blogging whilst dying to go to the toilet

33. Conduct an imaginary interview with Stephen Fry

34. Predict the future of baby led weaning

35. Create a plot-line for a B movie

36. Create a how-to post on how to avoid people in public without them being certain you saw them

37. Give ideas on how you would re-vamp the traditional Irish wedding if you were in charge

38. Eat a packet of Oreos in one go and review it

39. Describe your worst farting experience in public

40. Your favourite inanimate household object

41. List your most annoying idiosyncrasies

42. Show your reader a history of your life in haircuts

43. Review your child(ren)

44. Rate your potential as a reasonable future mother/father-in-law

45.  Describe what you see when you look in the mirror

46. Tell us about the five favourite couples in your life

47. Post a post in your own hand-writing

48. Explain the origins of your last decent belly laugh

49. List your top five older bloke/woman crushes

50. Give 10 reasons why Bono-bashing is not based on begrudgery

51. Which TV chef would you shag if you had to?

52. Describe your idea of hell

53.  Host a competition: What do you think is Annabel Karmel’s real name? Winner gets a year’s supply of organic cupcake mix

54. Write about the time you were caught having sex and how you dealt with it

55. Talk about your favourite building

56. List those words you don’t really understand that you have to bluff your way around

57. You’ve put yourself forward as an independent candidate at the next election. Write your manifesto

58. List the reserve names you had for your children that you didn’t use

59. Address the leader of your country in 800 words

60. Assemble a 12 song soundtrack to your life so far

61. Name the cheesiest album in your collection

63. List your top five favourite lists to make

64. Review your sofa

65. Describe the contents of your bin

66. Speculate about what your dress sense says about you

67.  Tell us what you were doing exactly 19 years ago today

68. Conduct your own blog awards ceremony and issue your own gongs

69. Reveal the foods you’ve been known to eat straight from the shopping bag on the drive home

70. Make a really long list filled with nonsense

71. Review that list and ask for other suggestions

72. Write a post with the tag ‘existentialism’ and ‘fish fingers’ attached

73. Over-rated tourists attractions to avoid

74. Who would play you in a fictionalised account of your life

75. Give a history of your love life in 200 words

76. The shortest job you’ve ever had and why

77. In praise of your favourite swear word

78. Has fetishizing parenting gone too far? Discuss

79. I can’t believe…… (insert what you can’t believe here)

16 thoughts on “79 blog post ideas

  1. Fab list! I’ve been toiling with lack of inspiration lately. You’ve proved there’s never an excuse for not posting! Let’s see…for Number 1 I could do my recipe for Bistro cheese on toast….I’ve started Number 50…52 is 30. Smoked applewood cheese is up there somewhere

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  3. Number 50. Because the little merchant and his side kick Bob Geldof went underground while soup kitchens opened up all over the country. That’s only one reason but it showed his true colours.
    Very funny list. Smart.

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