Top 5 ways The Rose of Tralee competition is like Irish abortion laws

1. The women are forced to go through a rigorous process of scrutiny before presenting for adjudication in front of an expert panel

2. The two-dimensional portrayal of women as a homogenous group devoid of all complexities in a bid to uphold the official pageantry

3. There’s usually an irrepressible man dressed in black and white dominating the airwaves with displays of parochial idiocy

4. Frequent cries about the need to “protect our values and our culture” , and the incurable propensity towards propping up long-expired representations of the past

5. It doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world

7 thoughts on “Top 5 ways The Rose of Tralee competition is like Irish abortion laws

  1. I gave up on television six years ago. I have never looked back.

    5 fine observations, from what I can remember of the RoT.
    The Irish Abortion laws on the other hand is all too vividly in the spotlight. TV or no TV…

      • Thanks a million for the thingiemebob, tendernessontheblock. You are too kind. No really. And I am not worthy. No really. I am the guy who is known for having broken the Ice Bucket chain on Farcebook. There was no shaggin way I was going to get a soaking in my shorts and flipflops in my shabby back garden. Chain things scare me, I have suffered from acute chainophobia since the age of 5, when my little brother picked up a rusty old bicycle chain in a ditch and hit me across the face with it, to see if it hurt (he was three at the time, and pretty advanced for his age).
        I hope that you will not be too disappointed if I break this chain as well. I hope that you other four nominees are less of a pain in the butt than I am,
        All the best,

      • I was weak to overtures from obligation. We’ll never speak of it again. By we, I mean all 6 of us, with any luck. Sorry to resurrect such painful memories that are obviously still raw.

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